Philippe Leclerc

Philippe Leclerc

Understanding Trends

Understanding Trends

Social Media: Nothing personal, it's just business.

Social Media: Nothing personal, it's just business.

Philippe Leclerc

Interactive Communications Manager for the City of Regina


Social media for government, citizen engagement, mobile apps and the future of open data. That is what I have been thinking and talking about lately.



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  • Social Media

    Social Media

    Execution, Planning

    As Interactive Communications Manager, I have have championed the use of Social Media for government and fir effective communications and marketing.

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  • Marketing / E-marketing

    Marketing / E-marketing

    Execution, Planning, Strategy

    Its been a few years since digital passed traditional for advertising, trust someone who has been there from the start.

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  • SEO / SEM

    SEO / SEM

    Execution, Planning, Strategy

    Organic or paid, its hard work, persistence and experience that makes it work.

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  • Strategic Communications

    Strategic Communications

    Execution, Planning

    When, where, who, how often and why! Before you type a single byte you need to figure these out first.

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  • Business development

    Business development

    Branding, Strategy, Thought Leadership

    Etiam eget mi enim, non ultricies nisi voluptatem, illo inventore veritatis et quasi architecto beatae vitae dicta sunt explicabo nemo enim ipsam voluptatem.

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I recently spoke at Tourism Saskatchewan’s “Host” conference in Saskatoon and while I always learn something at the conferences I speak at (a big reason I actually speak at events) the topic of tourism has stuck in my mind. Tourism is content and experience! you have content and you want to sell the experience. So [...]

Two years in row! Another amazing award Gala in Ottawa. Receiving a leadership award from my peers is a little mind blowing. The GTEC awards are meant to recognize excellence in IM/IT and to be recognized as a leader at the Municipal level is something I can cherish for years to come. I like to [...]

An award of merit from the Sask Ace Awards for the CityApp. It is always good to be recognized by your peers. Next up, GTEC awards, hoping for two in row for this one.

On April 23rd Alberta elected a majority conservative government. One of the main stories to come out of the election was the validity of the polls, considering the majority win by the PC’s. This is the third Canadian election where the polls have been wildly off, last years federal election and the supposed Hudek government [...]

I remember on 1999 pining for a Blackberry, I like new gadgets, but I eally thought they would greatly enhance business, by that time had already been proven, so not really a surprise. RIM dominated the market, by focusing on business and by doing so they helped build a category. However I have always believed [...]

Facebook is rumoured to be going IPO this week. Stories have put IPO at over hundred billion “Facebook IPO value could be $100 billion“. That number sees unfathomable, but more importantly is it realistic? and are we headed for another internet bubble? Within the past year the following have gone IPO  Zynga (ZNGA), LinkedIn (LNKD), Pandora (P), [...]

Many of the biggest internet properties have come out against this attempted legislation but haven’t we been down this road before? A few years ago Napster was the target and the RIAA was leading the way along with major bands like Metallica. The end result – a whole new channel created for music, however itunes [...]

At the last conference I spoke at I had the great fortune to hear about the work of Constable Scott Mills. The constable works on preventive policing by connecting with young Torotonians via social media. While his talk was entitled `Social media for security` it ended up being 40+ minutes of sometimes gut wrenching, but [...]


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