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At the last conference I spoke at I had the great fortune to hear about the work of Constable Scott Mills. The constable works on preventive policing by connecting with young Torotonians via social media. While his talk was entitled `Social media for security` it ended up being 40+ minutes of sometimes gut wrenching, but completely,  inspirational story.

Scott spoke of the crimes that tips from his 6+ pages has generated (that’s right 6+, he has had to speak with Facebook directly to get special exemption) have helped prevent. Working with a hall monitor at the largest school in Toronto Scott spoke about how that monitor has helped stop 13 suicides this year because he uses social media to listen, and then when needed he steps in

From a story in the digital journal:

“Since I started with Crime stoppers I can say that we have stopped crimes from taking place. Two school shooting didn’t happen because of the tips we received and countless teenagers didn’t commit suicide because we were alerted through social media networking.”

While I think I am having a positive effect on government and democracy Scott is really a hero.

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