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tree - how the mighty have fallen

How the mighty have fallen

I remember on 1999 pining for a Blackberry, I like new gadgets, but I eally thought they would greatly enhance business, by that time had already been proven, so not really a surprise.

RIM dominated the market, by focusing on business and by doing so they helped build a category.

However I have always believed that a dominant player will fall if they do not change, this may seem obvious but my reasons are a little different.

During my time overseas Hong Kong went through an economic downturn, for which I argued it was because they did not know what they were since China had opened up. Hong Kong used to be a gateway, it was dominant, it was a monopoly. However it was a monopoly based on its location to China and did not innovate or diversify.

I am writing this article because of a story that I saw in the Globe and Mail: 10 reasons not to give up on Blackberry. Its a well writeen article and the technical points are all valid. In fact if you were to read them separately without knowing that it is for RIM you would probably choose them in a heartbeat.

Here is my point, I have never felt sorry for a giant falling, in fact I relish it a bit. I find the stories about the demise, the specualtion, rumours etc. to be fascinating. I like to read about business and when a giant falls the amount of content is amazing, the stories are surreal and as the old saying goes “truth is stranger then fiction”. Ultimately when a dominant player fails to grow, change, adapt then they begin to rot and the opportunity for a disrupter becomes a reality.

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